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SRS Products LTD, established in 1986 as a result of the successful buy out of the former STC Enclosures business. Still in Harlow but located in a brand new building, the continuation means SRS have built up more than 30 years experience in the enclosures market.

Changes in the market has been reflected by the SRS investment in new products coupled with ISO9001 accreditation in 1994. We believe the market for enclosures is governed by three simple rules; Simplicity, Versatility and Reliability. These rules are used to help guide every action we take, maintaining an efficient operation with a motivated team supplying quality products on time and above all we keep ourselves focused on our customers.

Sales and Service

With our commitment to the Customer, our internal Sales and Applications desk is on hand to provide the support to enable the correct items to be specified and delivered on time. Our Sales and Applications desk is on hand to save you time and money.



SRS have a policy of preserving world resources and safeguarding against damage to the environment whenever possible. Our packaging now uses re-cycled paper, degreasing plant uses water based agents and all material off-cuts are re-cycled.



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