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When you have looked at all the standard 19” Subracks, Eurocard Subracks, EMC Subracks, Subracks for shock and Vibration, 19” Chassis, Chassis, Rack Mount Chassis, 19” Case or Instrument Case, Desk Top Case, 19” Cabinet, Rack or Enclosure, 19” Front Panel, PCB Front Panel, IEEE Front Panel, 19” Fan Tray or Fan Chassis, if you cannot find exactly what you require, why not contact SRS.

SRS offer a custom design and manufacturing service where we can take a standard product and adapt to meet your special requirements or design a bespoke solution that meets your exact needs.

Our design stage uses solid works which has a 3D capability to visualise the required plastic moulding, die casting or sheet metal part made from steel or aluminium. We have experience working with many markets such as ; Automation, Avionics, Broadcast, Communication, Defence, Electronics, Electrical, Control and Instrumentation, Medical and Railway.

If you require an enclosure solution that includes Screening, RFI Shielding, EMC, Cooling, Air Flow, non standard circuit boards, PCB or backplane, then please contact our technical sales department.


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SRS Products and Services

Here's a summary of the products and services that SRS can offer:

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So if you require a customised product, SRS Products will help you solve your problem.


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