VERSIRAK ... 19" EMC subrack system

Versirak has been designed to accept plug-in modules and printed circuit boards . Compatible with 19 inch practice, externally conforming to DIN 41494 parts 1 and 5, internally conforming to DIN 41494 part 2 . The system has been designed to provide a level of EMC which can be achieved on an upgrade basis without the need to dismantle any of the original structure.

Sideplates made from 2,5mm aluminium alloy, Horizontal rails and Mounting angles made from extruded aluminium alloy. Sideplates and Horizontal rail are protected using a conductive surface finish, Alocrom 1000, the Mounting angles are satin anodised to BS1615-AA10 . Flush mounting bushes enable the Mounting angle to be fitted front or rear independently of the rails and provides earth continuity . The Sideplates are punched on a 30mm pitch along the depth for variable rail fixing positions with semi-shear indents to prevent rail rotation with M5 single screw fixing each end . Horizontal rails which accept guide rails are pierced on a 5,08mm pitch for location and are printed along the inner face 1-84 and 84-1 to ease guide rail alignment

Supplied in kit form . Assembly and earth continuity testing can be carried out on request .

Available as a 3U subrack, 6U subrack and 9U subrack - see below for all accessories.

Versirak has been tested at an independent NAMAS test house with results obtained for a number of configurations, these include the subrack being fitted with: vented and plain covers, PCB front panels, hinged front panels, blanking panels and internally subdivided with the divider screen plate. Measurements were taken for differing combinations of components and varying gasket positioning. Full test results are available on request. Because Versirak has been designed with EMC upgradability, the tests demonstrate the improvements made through the addition of the various accessories from the Versirak range.




Tested by an Independent Accredited Test House. (NAMAS No. 1107). Project P358. Tests dated February 1992. Test Plan Build 1 1 6U x 340 subrack fitted with full width front and rear panel. (Worse Case Results) Modified MIL-STD 285 Test Method. Full Test results available no request

VERSIRAK ... accessories & options
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